What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?
Every Sunday, from 09/13/2020 to 12/13/2020, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: Immanuel Seymour, 605 South Walnut Street, Seymour, IN US 47274

Pastor Bloch  

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People have a great interest in knowing what the future holds, and for a good reason. Is there any more intriguing topic than the future? Will humankind exterminate itself, come together in a peaceful existence, or be ushered into eternal states  of  heaven  or  hell  after  the  Judgment  Day  of God? People want to know! Understanding the Bible, as well as other worldviews, will help Christians to grasp events happening in the world around us today. Knowing the views of others will help us to be better equipped to share the Good News that God has for us in Christ about the future.

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