What Do Lutherans Believe, and Why?

What Do Lutherans Believe, and Why?
Every Wednesday, from 09/16/2020 to 12/16/2020, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Immanuel Seymour, 605 South Walnut Street, Seymour, IN US 47274

Pastor Rodriguez + Heritage Room (203) + Class begins 9/16/20

This course will look at the essential teachings of the Bible about life, God, the world, and the future. It provides the basic information needed for someone who is thinking about joining our church and can be a good review for members who have been here all their life. We will look at the Bible's perspective on evil in a world God made good; how we can speak of God's creation in view of current scientific theory; and how Scriptures written long ago are reliable for us. We'll also address how we can we be certain of salvation and how our beliefs are similar to and different from other Christians. Using the Bible, a workbook, the Catechism, and discussion, we'll discover real answers for tough questions, including the ones you want to ask. This class will prepare non-members to join the church, but there is no obligation to do so

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